Documentary on a Mission
Nature is not a place we visit. It is home.
— Gary Snyder

What We Do

We’re a production company on a mission to tell stories that matter— the kind that educate, that build respect and complicate things in thoughtful ways. That’s what keeps us in the field, working like hell to stay honest and to tell the stories we believe need telling in the most extraordinary ways possible. And we love every minute of it, even when its -10° below and all we’ve had for a month is white bread and cheese. Even then, we’re stoked. We know we’re lucky and we’re honored to get to do this work.


How We Roll

You can’t make documentary without ethics, so we spend a lot of time defining ours. Decades of experience, time in the field, a million hard decisions, they’ve all led us to one sure conclusion— this is a big responsibility. And we take it seriously. So we don’t push animals. We don’t interfere. We avoid disrupting natural behavior, and if we do, we get out of there. And we don’t crop fences. Roads, street signs, and fence lines are part of the world we’ve come to know as “wild.” Pretending they’re not there, well, that’s not the world, and we’re here to document the world. 


Our Craft

It doesn’t matter if we’re filming a wolf or a mouse, we bring dignity and power to our subjects through incredible cinematography, using cutting-edge equipment as rare as it gets, wielded by masters in their craft. Having one of only a handful of Shotover F1s on earth doesn’t hurt— neither does being really good at using it. But it’s not about fancy toys. This stuff exists because it serves the work, and the best way to capture the life and breath of the wild world is to work on the cutting edge of the technology we use to capture it. So that’s where we work.